Lessons 2018/2019

You maycombine lessons – make your own training schedule.

Classes 2018/2019:
The evening classes are 85 minutes, daily classes are 55 minutes. 
Ballet for the beginners I/NEW!   We 17.30 and Sa 10.00 (Irina Pähn)                                                     Ballet for the beginners II   Mo and Fri 17.30 (Olga Grib)                                                                                Ballet for the beginners III   T 17.30 and P 10.00 (Irina Pähn); R 19.00 (Kaja Kreitzberg)         Ballet middle level   Mo and We 19.00 (Kaire Kasetalu)
Ballet advanced level   Tu 19.00 and Th 17.30 (Tuuli Peremees)
Stretching   Th 19.00 (Olga Grib)
Lunchballet for the beginners I/NEW!   We and Fri 12.00 (Tuuli Peremees)
Lunchballet for the beginners II   Tu and Th 12.00 (Tuuli Peremees)
Lunchballet middle level   Mo 12.30 (Kaja Kreitzberg)
Christmas program:
Body ballet  27.12  Th 19.00 (Olga Grib)
Body ballet  28.12  Fri 17.30
Body ballet 29.12 Sa 10.00
Body ballet is 55 minutes.
Pointe classes for the beginners   Su 11.30-12.25 (Irina Pähn) Jan (10x)
Dance study course  Sa  11.30-12.55 (Kaja Kreitzberg) Jan (4x)

Please definitely register before coming to the first training lesson through the registration system from here or by emailing tantsupooning@gmail.com.