Lessons 2022

You maycombine lessons – make your own training schedule.

Schedule from 2.09.2021:
This classes are 55 minutes:
Lunchballet for the beginners II   Tu and Th 12.00 (teacher Tuuli Peremees)

This classes are 85 minutes:
Ballet  for the beginners I  Tu 17.30 ja Th 19.00 (teacher Marge Ehrenbusch)
Ballet for the beginners II   We 17.30 and Sa 10.00 ( teacher Irina Pähn)
Ballet middle level I  Th 17.30 (teacher Irina Pähn)
Ballet middle level II  Mo 18.30 and We 19.00 (teacher Kaire Kasetalu)
Pointe classes Tu 19.00 (teacher Kaja Kreitzberg)
Schedule June-August 2022:
Ballet  for the beginner  levels  Tu 17.30 ja Th 19.00 
Ballet for middle levels  Mo 17.30 and We 19.00 
In the summer months, classes take place at Hobujaama 12, Tallinn!

Please definitely register before coming to the first training lesson through the registration system from here.