About the Lessons

Ballet for adults is foremost focused on using ballet to gain good posture, confidence, coordination and good mood. The training includes barre workout and many other ballet exercises.
Ballet for beginners I– it is meant for the very beginners and you don’t have to know anything about ballet and there are no physical requirements. We start learning from the beginning and your weight and flexibility are not important, just your interest in ballet.
Ballet for beginners II – have been training for 1-3 years
Ballet middle level I – have been training for 3-5 years
Ballet middle level II – have been training for 5 and more years
Lunch ballet – an intensive class with simple combinations, based on classical ballet class but without focusing on specific ballet techniques.
Stretching If your dream is a flexible back or beautiful splits, then this class will help make your dream come true! Regular exercises improve both your physical and mental health, your posture becomes prouder, your gait more graceful and your feet stronger. In class, we warm up and stretch the whole body using aids to achieve a better result. We pay attention to joint mobility. We do exercises that help to relax after standing/sitting work. We strengthen the back, stomach and gluteal muscles.
We have set up the group system to make it easier to understand the differences between classes. If you find it difficult to find a suitable class, don’t hesitate to email us tantsupooning@gmail.com