Terms of Payment

♦ You can pay for the classes in cash here, through Stebby or with a bank transaction MTÜ Tantsupööning a/a EE932200221072676791, Swedbank. Add the month as a description. E.g. September.
 Fee is paid on the basis of one month, one lesson or trial lesson.
You can pay for an individual lesson and trial lesson only here in cash.
 Monthly fees are due to pay on the 7th day of every month. If you cannot pay by the due date, please let us know and we can agree on a later date.
 There are no lessons on national holidays.
Tantsupööning has a break from 23 December 2022 until 1 January 2023. There are no lessons during this break.
Monthly fees are calculated for all months equally, the shorter months do not have lower fees.
 Monthly fee is not refundable and we do not refund lessons that you did not attend.
 If you cannot attend a lesson, then you can attend another ballet lesson (except courses) at a more suitable time during one month. It means that you can go to additional lessons when you find time and use the not attended lessons during the same month.
In case you do not wish to attend classes any further, please inform us 30 days in advance. Otherwise you are obliged to pay the monthly fee according to the payment terms and the set prices.