Come and Dance!

Conveniently located in the city centre Dance Attic is focused on teaching ballet to adult dance lovers. Ballet is the kind of training form that is suitable at amateur level for everyone, irrespective of flexibility, age or weight. You don’t need to have prior training and don’t in fact have to know anything about ballet to come and join us. Here at the Dance Attic you can enjoy dancing with people of your own age and see that dancing is not only for the young. Ballet is for everyone shaping the body and cleaning the soul.
Ballet strengthens the skeleton and muscles, tones and straightens the body, gives balance and flexibility, decreases stress and tension, gives self-confidence and good mood and also gives possibility to meet nice people. Dancing help to fight diabetes, high blood-pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis and depression and strengthens immune-system. Now this is surely an impressive list, isn’t it!
We don’t always dance because we are happy but dancing definitely makes us happy.
Ballet makes us happy, healthy and beautiful!
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